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Peace in the Fire

By Karen Mehringer
“Creativity – like human life itself – begins in darkness.”
– Julie Cameron

Parker, Colorado on October 24th, 2007. Fires raging in southern California. Family and friends in the path of danger. Tension in my body. A dark, unsettled feeling. Unable to experience peace. Remembering the trauma of having to evacuate due to the Old Fire in 2003, while living in Big Bear City, California, I feel the energy of anxiety and fear even though I’m several states away from the blazing embers of fire and lung burning smoke. Surrounded by crystal clear blue skies and several inches of snow from the storm last Sunday, I notice the dichotomy to the stifling heat, dryness and smoke of the fire stricken areas. As I walk my dog in the snow, I find myself contemplating how I might lift myself out of this uncomfortable state of being. I want to feel strong and in my truth which is about embodying love and trusting the Divine in ALL things. I want to experience peace.
As I walk, I begin to shift my perspective to what I know is true for me. Out of death, devastation and destruction is the opportunity for incredible transformation, […]

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