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Living from the Heart

By Karen Mehringer

Living from the heart, throwing logic and practicality to the wind, and following the voice of love and inspiration takes strength and courage. But, as we break free from the chains of reason to follow our soul’s callings, a universe of possibilities opens up to us. Unforeseen assistance guides us and supports us on our journey. As a result, our hearts open and expand in love and trust. Strength and courage build and soon we find ourselves living the life of our dreams!

In the movie, Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner hears a voice that tells him to build a baseball field, which would eliminate part of his farm crop and income potential. Listening to the voice instead of logic and reason, Costner builds the field and miracles unfold. At one point in the movie, he is about to lose the farm. Instead of living from fear, he continues to listen to and act upon the voice’s promptings and events continue to transpire beyond his wildest dreams.

Today, John and I are in a huge transition with regards to where we will be living and the type of work he will be doing. More than ever, we are living in […]

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Abundance is Found in Simplicity

By Karen Mehringer
“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”
– Paulo Coelho
Camping this summer, John and I were reminded how freeing it is to live simply. We had only the bare necessities with us…food, water, our camping gear and clothes. Living in a simple environment, we were able to appreciate the small things and be more fully present in the moment. Consequently, we felt more joyful and at peace. For example, here is a brief journal entry I wrote after waking up to a gorgeous day in Ouray, Colorado:

“It’s only 9am and the clouds are already moving in slowly like a wild cat stalking its prey. The birds’ music has never sounded so magical. A feeling like Heaven has descended upon me. Oh…how nature feeds my soul! I’m in love, like a young school-girl with a crush.”

True abundance was my experience in that moment.

After returning home, we began to explore ways we could simplify our lives. For example, we have decided to sell our home and downsize to a smaller house. Not only will we be getting rid of a lot of stuff that we don’t use or need like furniture, wall decorations and knick knacks, […]

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Being the Light

By Karen Mehringer

What is my purpose? Why am I here? We have all asked ourselves these questions at one time or another. When searching for answers, we often focus on what our unique purpose is – our humanly purpose…why we are here at this time, in these particular bodies, with our special combination of talents, passions, dreams and gifts.

A Course in Miracles suggests that our only purpose and function is to be the light of the world. In lesson 61 of the workbook for students, it states, “I am the light of the world. This is my only function. This is why I am here.” After reading this statement and meditating on it, I found myself feeling lighter and freer. All of my worldly illusions of purpose – to do lists, etc., vanished as I owned the truth of my being and existence – to simply be the light. As I accepted this truth, I could feel my body relax and my heart open and expand.

But, at first, my ego mind had a difficult time accepting the simplicity of this idea. It resisted with thoughts like, “It can’t be that easy. There is too much to do to make this world a […]

Connect: Be Fully Present NOW!

By Karen Mehringer

Eager to fill our hungry bellies after a full day of hiking and soaking in the mineral hot springs, John and I sat waiting for our food to arrive. Observing my surroundings, I noticed a woman sitting with her husband text-messaging with her iPhone. The couple appeared to be on vacation. Next, I noticed a man sitting with his wife and two grown daughters. He was also text-messaging while waiting for dinner. At one point, I witnessed him holding his iPhone and text messaging with one hand, while holding his burrito and eating with the other!

Astonished, I thought, “What could possibly be so urgent and important as to divert their attention away from their loved ones?” Being an outside observer, it was easy for me to judge their behavior. But, since I believe we are all mirrors for each other, I had to ask myself, “In what ways do I allow myself to be distracted from being present with the people I love?” And, “What am I missing out on when I’m not fully present with them?”

Modern communication technology, such as the iPhone and Internet, designed to help us connect, when used unconsciously, distracts us from being […]

Healing Through Intention

By Karen Mehringer
Driving to the emergency room it dawned on me…”Today is the seven-year anniversary of my father’s death.” I thought, “How odd that my sister and I had lunch today and didn’t even acknowledge his anniversary.” Soon after, I glimpsed a sign saying, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. I was struck by the coincidence as this is where my brother, Kyle, passed away. Sitting in the emergency room, I was further astonished that I had sat in the same exact room at Stanford Hospital ten years earlier, as Kyle was days away from dying in the adjacent building. Not only that, but a similar complaint brought me there…abdominal pain.

Puzzled, I wondered, “What is this all about?” Two days earlier, my family and I gathered to celebrate Kyle’s ten-year anniversary at an oak tree we planted in his memory. During the ceremony, per the suggestion of a friend, I set my intention to release all of the painful memories stored in my body related to watching Kyle suffer and die. I questioned, “Could my body be reliving the trauma of what I witnessed?” “Maybe the trauma is surfacing now to be released?” And, “What about the reoccurring pain in my abdomen?”

Both […]

Being Still and Silent

By Karen Mehringer

Recently, I found myself feeling anxious and depressed. For several days, I attempted to analyze why I was feeling this way and what I could do to feel better. I questioned, “Would it help to go back to therapy or to get a massage? Maybe I just need to write more.” Feeling uncomfortable, I wanted a quick fix. But, what I found was that the more I resisted how I was feeling, the worse I felt.

At my wits end, I decided to reach out and ask for support by calling a friend. She suggested, “Why don’t you love and honor where you are. Take the day off to be still and silent.” What an idea…to take the day off in the middle of the week to be still and silent! Guilt wanted me to push through, get things done and strive to obtain more business and be more successful.

Hesitantly, I set guilt aside and took my friends advice. After getting off the phone, I meditated for about an hour. Quieting my mind, I was able to hear my body. It was deeply tired and needing rest. I had been on the go and working without much of a break […]

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Staying on Purpose

By Karen Mehringer

In our modern day society, distractions are everywhere, vying for our attention, keeping us from what is truly important and our higher purpose. Lately, I have felt more and more overwhelmed by the amount of e-mail that comes through my inbox on a daily basis. By attending to all of this e-mail…determining what to read and what to delete, responding to messages, clicking on links, etc., I have noticed that my mind has become accustomed to over-stimulation. When it is time to turn off the computer at the end of the day, I have a hard time sitting still and being at peace. I play free cell on John’s computer while dinner is cooking or I pace trying to find things to do like balance my check book or read mail. A feeling of restlessness and general dissatisfaction underlies my behavior, as if a void is trying to be filled. The end result is that my creative projects have taken a back seat and it’s more difficult for me to be fully present with myself and the people in my life.

Last February, I decided to join a Writer’s Success Group to assist me with being more focused […]

Awaken Your Spirit, Express Your Passions!

    By Karen Mehringer

There is a powerful vital life force energy that resides within each of us. Like a raging river, this vital energy needs a channel to flow and be fully expressed. When we allow it to move through us for example with our writing, artwork, or music…by expressing our passions, we allow the river of the divine to flow through us. When in the flow, we are in the present moment. Our spirits come alive; we feel at peace and can experience great joy and bliss. When we resist or block the flow of this creative energy, we experience constriction which causes us to feel anxious, physically ill and spiritually disconnected from our source of love, joy and abundance. Like a river being blocked by a damn, the water has no where to go and thus builds up more and more pressure.

At the beginning of the year, I created a New Year’s intention for 2009. It is – “To be an open channel for the divine flow of creation and expression.” Near my computer, I have a beautiful altar card with a colorful picture of a Dancing Fire Goddess, the Goddess of Expression. The card says,

“O Dancing […]

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